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Mr. Thomas Pischof
Mr. Thomas Pischof

Magic Flutes International was established in 1988, when the leading Japanese flute manufacturer Mateki was looking for a suitable distributor for its flutes in Australia.

Thomas Pinschof, Magic Flutes International's Managing Director, had been playing Mateki flutes for some years and was well aware of the quality of these instruments. He readily accepted the challenge and grasped the opportunity to establish and build up a consumer-friendly and professional flute retail and wholesale enterprise, giving birth to Magic Flutes International.

Many Australian flute players swear by their Matekis and you will hear them played not only by members of the Mozart Orchestra but also in performances by Orchestra Victoria and in the orchestra of the Sydney Opera House as well as many smaller groups such as contemporary music group Elision.

Since then, Magic Flutes International has acquired additional sole distribution rights for other leading flute manufacturers such as Wiener Flötenwerkstatt, Trevor J. James & Co (England) and A. D. Geoffrey (Taiwan), Jean-Yves Roosen (France), Bernhard Hammig (Germany) as well as importing a wide range of other leading brands of flutes, piccolos, alto flutes, bass flutes, contrabass flutes and the majestic octobass flute.

Thomas Pinschof is always on the lookout for new brands and useful accessories, such as practical cases, backpack or briefcase style, gig bags and cleaning materials. In the spirit of enabling you to look after your flute even better Magic Flutes International has produced specially designed gauze cloths available in designated sizes from piccolo to contrabass flutes and has introduced innovations such as "Flute and Piccolo Worms" and Windbags from New Zealand.

Other quality woodwind instruments were added to the range, initially soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, then followed clarinets, oboes and bassoons as well as brass instruments; student trumpets and trombones came first, then professional trombones and sackbuts from Germany were included, adding Helmut Voigt to the list of sole agencies for Australia with his superb alto, tenor and bass sackbuts and superior quality alto, tenor, bass and contra bass trombones. He even makes a Cimbasso and historical trumpets including authentic Renaissance and Baroque copies not to forget his beautifully made professional trumpets, Flügelhorns, piccolo trumpets and bass trumpets. Orchestra Victoria now uses his alto trombone and in the Royal Army Band you will find a contra bass trombone by Helmut Voigt in constant use.

In the search for other superior instruments to cater for the Mozart Orchestra's need to perform on wind and percussion instruments that are instrumental in producing a "Viennese Sound" Franz Weber, who specialises in Viennese trumpets and is one of the few makers of Vienna Horns, was included in the list of woodwind and brass instrument manufacturers Magic Flutes International represents in Australia. He also makes Flügelhorns and a rotary trumpet with three exchangeable bells giving you the choice of playing it as a trumpet, a Posthorn or a Flügelhorn. The need for the best drums, as used by many of the world's most famous orchestras such as the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras, made our range expand even further with the addition of Aural (Austria) with their unrivaled hand made wooden drums. Together with the superbly hand made Kaufmann sticks and mallets they were received with much excitement and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra now plays a set wooden drums with wooden rims: A walnut 36" bass drum , a walnut marching drum with double snare mechanism and a select pear snare drum also with double snare mechanism, very similar to the one now used by Orchestra Victoria. Recently we have started to deal with the "Wiener Paukenwerkstatt", who make the most beautiful timpani we are also now representing in Australia and New Zealand. At the famous Frankfurt Musik Messe Thomas Pinschof came across Guntram Wolf (Germany) and his amazing prize winning new design of the contra bassoon that is now known as "contraforte" and his brilliant Kinder Harmony range of children's reed instruments, which satisfy the desperate need for oboes, bassoons and clarinets small and light enough to be played by very small children. Needless to say not only did Thomas and Guntram "get on like a house on fire", being of similar spirit and always up to innovations, but apart for Guntram's love for Australian wine, especially the magnificent 2005 Shiraz from Jean-Paul's organic vineyard, he was so enthusiastic about Magic Flutes International promoting his instruments in Australia that together they drove all across Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate the Kinder Harmony Instruments, Bassoons with his specially delveloped bocals and the superb contraforte to orchestras, teachers and schools from Brisbane all the way to Perth and from Auckland to Dunedin.

Needless to say his revolutionary bocals are now in use by many leading professional bassoon players and the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony Orchestras have their own custom designed contraforte. Also the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the "Ensemble 20. Jahrhundert" in Vienna and Paris as well as the "Ensemble Modern" in Germany are amongst those many groups using the contraforte, it has even found its way into an Austrian traditional "Blasmusikkapelle". Guntram Wolf is also one of the few manufacturers making a real "Wiener Oboe", an instrument which was almost extinct but thanks to him it is on the rebound due to its very special sound and the fact that it is available not only with the traditional Viennese keywork but also with Conservatoire style mechanism. Its bore is virtually identical to an oboe from Mozart's time and due to the rich overtones it blends much better with other instruments than the French oboe.

It is not only used exclusiveley in Vienna but also increasingly in other orchestras in many parts of the world and makes a comeback in the orchestral repertoire of the 19th and early 20th century. Several Vienna oboes are already in use in Australia, and many in the USA, Japan and troughout Europe. Guntram Wolf's latest is the "Lupophone" (lupus is latin for woolf), a real bass oboe that is likely to replace the "Heckelphone" due to its improved stability, intonation and tonal possibilities. The next addition to Magic Flutes International list of agencies for Australia and New Zealand was Haagston (Austria), most famous for their patented special method of hammering (burnishing) the bells of brass instruments to achieve a stronger somewhat darker sound with better intonation and a more even scale by surpressing the unwanted partials and strengthening the desirable partials. They are based in Haag, a small city near Linz, where they benefit from the strong tradition in "Blasmusik" (windbands) and specialise in trumpets, both rotary and Perinet style, Flügelhorns, even bass Flügelhorns, horns, including the "Wiener Horn", trombones and natuarlly all sorts of instruments for the many windbands they supply, such as Euphoniums, tenor horns and many sizes of tubas.

Their professional trombones and bass trombones are made with detachable and exchangeable bells of different sizes and shapes. Haagston together with the University of Vienna, is also responsible for the development of a new Grenadilla wood composite using a polimer that is even approved by the European Food Administration and now used for the body for an exciting new and environmentally friendly yet real wood clarinet branded "Edelholz". A student version of these clarinets in ABS is also available under the label Rödel, both are made in Germany and Austria. Finally last year we brought into Australia a very special novelty: the VIBRASS, an electronic vibrating device that revitalises the embouchure of double reed and brass players by allowing them to use their own reed or mouthpiece on the unit. It was invented by an Austrian horn player and is highly recommended by many professionals such as Australian horn player Hector MacDonald who is principal horn of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and responsible for reintroducing the Vienna horn in this world famous orchestra. Another novelty introduced last year is the fabulous futuristic looking Grenaditte flute by A.D. Geoffrey, entirely made from a patented new material that has very special tonal qualities and in addition to that is virtually unbreakable. A small "flautino in g" is also available in this material of the future and Grenaditte alto and bass flutes are not far away from being completed. After selling flutes by a variety of manufacturers for 20 years and learning all the way along we are proud to present a brand new series of flutes under our own name "Magic Flutes".

Designed, using his combined experinece in performing as flute soloist at the highest professional level with his many innovative improvements to various mechanism of Böhm flutes as well as entirely new designs such as the "Pinschofon" and an "alto Pinschofon" currently under development, Thomas Pinschof has made this flute truly magic. The cooperative attitude of all people involved has contributed much to the exceptional qualities of these new "Magic Flutes" and it is not surprising that they have been received with much enthusiasm and praise from both flute players as well as leading flute makers such as Bernhard Hammig. Magic Flutes International has been participating in the development of a completely new type of Electrostatic Loudspeaker for several years and we are proud to be able to present the final product to our customers now: The brilliant "Whise HA1500" which is not only unmatched in sound but also in looks and winner of the prestigious "Good Design Award 2007"; it is so beautiful that many consider it a work of art that you would be proud of featuring in your living room. They were originally commissioned by Nakamichi as their 25th anniversary product. Also as reference speakers it is widely used and just recently the Australian Broadcasting Commission has bought 5 sets for their recording studios.


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