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Flautino Grenaditte

Grenaditte Flautino and Concert Flute by Guo
Grenaditte Flautino and Concert Flute by Guo

Grenaditte Flautino and Concert Flute
Grenaditte Flautino and Concert Flute

Grenaditte head body and keys, with pointed arms, closed holes in special wooden case with cover and special cleaning stick. The photo shows a flautino in g and a concert flute, both made in Grenaditte by Guo.

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A revolutionary invention by Geoffrey Guo, this new material, used for both the body and the keywork, has the most beneficial properties both mechanically and sound-wise. It has the power and warmth of gold and the richness of wood, has an incredible response in staccato and immense flexibility in colours. You can make it sound like a silver flute, or a wooden flute, a gold flute a baroque flute, just as the situation demands. What is even more amazing is the fact that it is practically unbreakable and virtually maintenance free because the stainless steel axles do not require any oil and the material is self lubricating and is fitted with newly developed synthetic pads. This makes it also an ideal instrument for outdoor playing even in wet weather. This little flute in g is also known as "Treble Flute" and used extensively in Irish Flute Bands as a high melody instrument with a rather sweet and mellow tone much less shrill than a Piccolo, its haunting sound sometimes almost has the character of pan pipes. Mozart uses one in his opera "Die Entführung aus dem Serail"  and it is also called "Nightingale Flute" by Mascagni and Beethoven calls it "flute d'amour" which is a little confusing as this may be a name used more often for instruments lower than the standard size.


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