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Kinder Harmony Instruments



The Kinder Harmony Program
An initiative by the Mozart Orchestra and devised by leading educator Thomas
Pinschof, it combats the notorious shortage of Bassoon and Oboe players and is
supported by Magic Flutes International and Guntram Wolf, who developed and
manufactures these instruments. The program gets young children started on
Bassoon, Oboe as well as Clarinet at a very early age. Designed for group lessons,
initially for groups of three or more students of the same or any mixture of instruments
it incorporates specially arranged music from Renaissance to contemporary. This
program makes true a requirement of the National Review into School Music
Education (Seares Report) to give all children equal access to all instruments.
By eliminating the age barrier, Kinder Harmony Instruments are the only
solution available that completely removes the cause of the problem. Conceived
in Australia, the Kinder Harmony Program itself is perfectly suited to be part of any
school curriculum and guarantees the school a full compliment of well-trained wind
players for their Orchestra and Band Programs. It starts at the grass root level and
fosters teamwork, social interaction, communication skills and will stop bullies in their
tracks. Like no other method known to me, the Kinder Harmony Program teaches
these young instrumentalists not only how to master their respective instruments but to
listen to each other and play independent parts in harmony from a very early stage,
allowing them to develop perfect intonation and all the other skills necessary for
becoming accomplished musicians. These players will be familiar with many styles of
music and used to play their individual parts confidently and in tune and in time as part
of a team of equals. If you are in charge of a music program this is a program you
cannot afford to ignore!
We encourage everybody to have a go and see how easy it is to play a Kinder
Harmony Instrument. In October 2007 a Symposium was held in Kronach and attended
by 99 young reed players who performed together in a concert (see photo below).

Kronach Kinder Harmonie Symposium 2007

Now at last Australian Music Educators have the unique opportunity to be world leaders in this field

and we have a duty to future generations to give our children the best possible start in life.

Learning to play a musical instrument is the key to self discipline, concentration and developing good social skills,

it combats bullying, violent behaviour, makes learning easier, more rewarding and enjoyable.



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