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Solid Sterling silver with soldered tone holes, pointed arms, fully burnished body and keywork, open holes, semi offset g, under slung split E-mechanism and B-foot with Gyzmo in superb wooden case with padded velour leather cover, wooden cleaning rod, gauze and microfibre polishing cloths

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A superb flute with a fully burnished body and keys, each key to the respective frequency, producing a bell like ring and making each note more stable and project better perhaps best comparable to an open string of a cello. This results in a strong sound with plenty of volume but without the impression of excessive pressure being applied which invariably leeds to cracked notes. Despite of being heavily influenced by the tradition of the famous 19th century French flute maker Louis Lot and also by the high quality manufacturing methods of the German and Japanese makers, Geoffrey Guo is a pioneer in the industry and his ideas and brilliant innovations are always decades ahead of all the other makers. This flute is very special and is ideal for players who do not like to strain themseves excessively when playing the flute. One feels like the flute is controlling how much air pressure it needs and so it almost feels like it is playing all by itself, which makes for a very pleasant and relaxing playing experience indeed.


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