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Flutes - Jean-Yves Roosen

Jean-Yves Roosen is a flute maker in the French tradition in direct line with Louis Lot. His flutes have an outstanding scale and are hand made with pointed arms, soldered tone holes and come with a lifetime guarantee.

He is very well known for his superb headjoint design, which allows superb flexibility throughout all registers, outstandingly strong low notes and unbelievably easy response in the extreme high register.

The only available materials are 950 silver, 18ct gold and various types of wood. He is also famous for his superb "other" flutes like Piccoletto in E-flat, Piccolo, Flute d' Amour in B-flat, Alto- and Bass Flutes, as well as Contra- and Octobass Flutes. The latter was developed in collaboration with Thomas Pinschof and is essential to provide a strong bass in Flute Orchestras and larger groups such as Ensemble Zauberflöte.


RH AG950i/l pinless

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