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Performer Series 31PR2-ROEHAShd

Open holes, solid silver head with professional style lip plate, offset g, split E and B-foot in wooden case with padded cover, wooden cleaning rod and cloths

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For more advanced players the special tonal qualities of silver become more important. Silver produces a warmer less shrill sound that is more powerful and projects better. A solid silver head will already give you close to 75% of these benefits compared to a solid silver flute. The "shaped lip" is an innovation which used to be only available on heads made by some very specialized makers but but this professional style lip plate is now available as an inexpensive option. The advantages come from a slightly higher chimney that makes the sound darker but also stronger without much loss of flexibility. Open holes are an option that is quite popular in some parts of the world without providing any real benefits to the player (link to "an open and shut case"). The off set g makes it a little easier for the left ring finger to cover the hole and it is a mechanical advantage because the keys are on a separate axle. This is why closed hole flutes usually have offset g keys. The "split E" or "E- Mechanism" makes the "E" in the third octave safer and speak more easily. Many players would not want to have a flute without it. The B-foot not only increases the range of the flute downwards and upwards by a semitone but also makes the high register less shrill and with the help of the "Gyzmo key" the top c speaks much easier and is better in tune.


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