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Performer Series 31PR-RH

Open holes with in line g, French style lip plate, B-foot in wooden case with padded cover, wooden cleaning rod and cloths

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The most advanced student flute on the market in a superior package. Open holes are an option that is quite popular in some parts of the world without providing any real benefits to the player (link to "an open and shut case"). The in line g makes this flute a typical French style instrument and it even has a French style lip plate, which produces a slightly more intense sound. This design means that the keywork is on a very long axle which can cause the b-flat key to stick under certain cicumstances. For this reason the split E mechasnism is not available on the in line g models. The left index finger needs to strech considerably to cover the g hole and this can be a big strain for players with small hands. The off set g makes it much easier for the finger to cover the hole and it is a mechanical advantage because the keys are on a separate axle. This is why closed hole flutes usually have offset g keys. The B-foot not only increases the range of the flute downwards and upwards by a semitone but also makes the high register less shrill and for a flute with a silver plated head joint this is a definitve advantage. A wooden case with a padded cover give your flute the best protection. Together they can absorb more shocks and knocks and also provide excellent insulation from moisture, temperature and humidity changes. This is particularly important in tropical and subtropical climates as well as when traveling between different zones. This outfit also includes a wooden cleaning rod, a washable gauze cloth as well as an anti tarnish impregnated polishing cloth.


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