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Flutes - Mateki

MATEKI the Rolls Royce of Flutes
MATEKI the Rolls Royce of Flutes

Mateki Australia, sole representative Magic Flutes International. Thomas Pinschof plays a custom designed Mateki Flute Model MO051 with A-foot, 4 trill keys and a half hole octave key.
Handmade Japanese flutes with their own unmistakable charm, these traditionally crafted instruments offer a distinctive, well-balanced and accurate tone and perfect scale.

Workmanship - Made with top-grade materials and with excellent scale, Mateki are heat treated to give them superior resonance in all registers and exceptional accoustic resonance in all registers and exceptional acoustic clarity. The key-work incorporates a unique spring made from a gold, platinum and palladium mixture. The superb workmanship and mechanical precision offer outstanding playing qualities, making Mateki flutes eminently suitable for the advanced student and professional player.

Options - Variations include closed or open holes, offset, semioffset or inline G, E ring or E mechanism and B footjoint. Available to special order: G-A trill, C# trill, combined g/a-c# trill, 4th trill key, half-offset G and semioffset D, split Gyzmo as well as other special features on request.

Headjoints - Mateki headjoints are individually hand-crafted to the highest standard by the Watanabe family, one of Japan's most respected flute and headjoint manufacturing dynasties. Several different lip plate designs are available with an optional higher chimney as well as 9ct., 14ct., 18ct., 24ct. gold and platinum lip plates and risers.

Mateki flutes are supplied with high quality case & cover, wooden cleaning rod, moisture absorbent cloth and microfibre polishing cloth.

Magic Flutes International are the sole agents of Mateki flutes for Australia and New Zealand.

925 Silver
943 silver
943 silver seamed tube up to 0.46mm wall thickness
943 silver seamed tube all platinum plated
990 silver 99% silver 1% platinum
997 silver
Pallaurgentium (G10) contains 20% palladium, 10% gold and silver

9ct with silver keys
9ct with goldplated keys
9ct with 9ct keys
14ct with silver keys
14ct with goldplated keys
14ct with 9ct keys
14ct with 14ct keys
18ct with silver keys
18ct with goldplated keys
18ct with 9ct keys
18ct with 14ct keys
18ct with 18ct keys
24ct with silver keys
24ct with goldplated keys
24ct with gold keys
Platinum with silver keys
Platinum with platinum plated keys
Platinum with G10 keys
Platinum with goldplat


Head JointsMO051RsosG&DEHsg/a-c#splitGyzMO051PtRsRsosG&DEHsg/a-c#spitGyzMO051AU18RsRsosG&D,EHsg/a-c#splitGyz
MO-041REHAG943S(0.43)sosG&DMateki MO-031REHMateki MO-031EH

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