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As a result of working with many of the worlds great flute makers Thomas Pinschof has developed a flute, extremely flexible and powerful in sound and tonal colours, that comes with pointed arms from the lowest model on to achieve the best possible action and reliability. To celebrate 20 years of bringing the best flutes to its customers Magic Flutes International is now proudly releasing these extraordinary flutes under its own registered Trademark.

Designed and personally tested by Thomas Pinschof, they are manufactured to a professional standard in a quality previously only reserved for hand made, top of the market models. Embouchure hole and chimney are critical in directing the airstream into the flute and a very special undercut he gives every head joint allows the flute to produce a flexibility, stability and refinement in sound only a flute player can achieve. His high expectations guarantee that each flute has extraordinary qualities and truly deserves the name "Magic Flute": With a perfect scale, superb response and stability throughout the range in staccato as well as in the softest slures, even on the traditionally most difficult notes, and of course huge flexibility in sound, allowing for tonal colours most flute players can only dream of, it is capable to cope with plenty of grunt when needed or the gentlest and most delicate fade into nothingness. In other words, a flute without limitations that just about plays itself. All Magic Flutes come with a 5 year factory guarantee as well as a five year warranty.


Magic Flutes Series MFOUV+C-EMagic Flutes Series MFOUV+C-EdMagic Flutes Series MFDIV-EHMagic Flutes Series MFDIV-E
Magic Flutes Suite MFSUI-REH
Magic Flutes Suite MFSUI-REH
Magic Flutes Series MFSUI-REMagic Flutes Series MFSUI-EHMagic Flutes Series MFSUI-E
Magic Flutes Series MFOUV-EdMagic Flutes Series MFOUV-EMagic Flutes Series MFDIV-REHMagic Flutes Series MFDIV-RE
Magic Flutes Series MFCAPRI-REH

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