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Oboe - WOLF W2

in C at A 440hz, made from light weight hardy mountain maple and lined with ebonite, silver plated Conservatoire system keywork down to low B, it comes in a practical bag complete with special reed, cork grease and cleaning tools.

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Basically an Viennese oboe but with French keywork (Conservatoire system) but extremely light and short enough to allow children to play oboe much earlier without the weight of Grenadilla wood and the extra keys for low B-flat. It is played best with a Viennese reed or a Jones English horn reed and the special bore it is much easier to play than the equivalent with the thinner French bore, especially in the low register. It can also be played with a French reed with a longer staple because the Viennese reed has a longer scrape and this would affect the overall pitch. This makes it also the perfect choice for amateur players. Because its sound blends perfectly with horns and strings as well as other wind instruments, it is not just ideal for the classical repertoire but also the perfect choice for the great Romantic repertoire.


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