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Mateki MO-031REH

Solid silver head and body, silver plated keys with open holes, offset g, pointed arms, split E and B-foot with Gyzmo in wooden case with black zipped cover, wooden cleaning rod, gauze and micro fibre polishing cloths

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The Rolls Royce amongst flutes, Mateki has unrivalled quality of workmanship and even from the bottom of the range instrument you can feel the difference in the action, which is as precise a Swiss clock. With a silver head and body the quality of sound is even more magic and not much less beautiful than from a solid silver flute. Mateki in Japanese means "Magic Flute" and that's no coincidence. Apart from the obvious advantage of the precision these flutes are made with (even the back of keys that are never seen have a mirror finish and every key is like a piece of jewellery) they have the most flexible sound that is not flavoured and that allows you to make the most of your own personal timbre and colours. The B-foot takes the shrillness out of high register making the flute a little darker in tone, which is obviously an advantage and with the Gyzmo key the top c becomes much easier and in tune.


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