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The amazing PINSCHOFON live in concert
Listen to Thomas Pinschof playing his PINSCHOFON
live in concert:

Antonin Dvorak Humoresque op. 101 No 7
recorded live at BMW Edge on 9 April 2009
Look at the video on YouTube:

The Pinschofon is a specially extended bass flute, designed by Thomas Pinschof in 1970. Although in C its lowest note is G (with the special bell shape attachment F) making it a real bass instrument. Due to the unique design the weight of the instrument rests on the floor. This enables the player to easily manipulate the keys for the additional notes. Its characteristic shape makes this flute generally easier to play and technically more agile than the normal bass flute. This instrument was first made by Werner Wetzel in Berlin and further improved later by his master student and successor Christian Jäger in Munich, Germany. Many contemporary composers have written chamber music, solo works and even solo concertos for the Pinschofon. In flute ensembles it shares the cello function with the contrabass flute and can be considered the backbone of the bass section.

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