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VALE Aurčle NICOLET † (Jan 22 1926 - Jan 29 2016
Another great flute player and teacher of so many of us is no longer with us on this planet!

It will help us to overcome the sadness of his passing to know that his tradition will continue for generations to come. He was the most important teacher of many generations of flute players. His understanding of how to play in all registers of the flute without changing the embouchure has influenced the technique of all of us and given us so many more possibilities of expression and control in addition to open the doors to master ever more advanced techniques and not just multiphonics and circular breathing. Personally I will never forget a late night car trip from Munich to Freiburg one winter night. I was coming from Vienna and met him at a concert he played Bach Brandenburg Concertos and we drove to Freiburg immediately after the concert in my mothers old Volvo 122S because he had to teach there in the morning. Soon after we left a terrible snowstorm started and one could not see a thing - everything was white, so after about an hour of this Nicolet took over and drove all night all the way to Freiburg, where we arrived just in time to start his class. He told me to go and sleep a few hours while he went straight to teach his class and I was to join them in the afternoon. When he was on tour he would often make us work in groups of three and all learn a new piece. I was with Elena Duran and Liisa Ruoho The way he inspired us to work as a team practising together and teaching each other had a profound effect on all our own way of studying and working with the next generation of flute players. RIP

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